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Pet Euthanasia – Peaceful, Comfortable and Private

  • Providing house call euthanasia services and cremation (private or communal/memorial options) nearby for pets including dogs and cats.

  • Same day or next day at home service in my area for end of life care.

  • Our traveling vet clinic offers in home euthanasia, hospice care and quality of life consultations close to me.

  • If you are looking for a veterinarian that comes in the home near me or vet center open now, today or on Sunday, our mobile vet who comes to house by me is open 7 days a week from 8am-8pm.

  • We are a veterinary hospital that makes house calls, so the process to put dog down or put cat to sleep is peaceful and pain free.

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Pet euthanasia is a service that we offer for dogs and cats who need to be peacefully put down. The decision to put your pet to sleep is a very difficult one, but the process is not painful and does not hurt them. The first thing that we do is give them a shot in their butt that contains a heavy pain killer and heavy sedative. Depending on how their body metabolizes the medication, it can take effect in about 5-15 minutes. The medication alleviates any of their pain and makes them very sleepy. Many pets actually fall asleep and some even start snoring.

After the pet is fully relaxed and comfortable, the veterinarian places a catheter in one of the front leg veins. Then they administer anesthesia, so they go unconscious and cannot feel anything after that. The last injection is the euthanasia solution that first stops the brain and then stops the organs in the rest of the body.

The last organ to stop functioning is the lungs, which is why some pets have agonal breathing, which is when you can still see or hear breathing even after the animal’s heart has stopped beating and they have passed away. Some animals do not have any agonal breaths, while others may have one or a few agonal breaths. They can be quick and shallow breaths or they can be longer and deeper breaths. Every pet passes differently depending on their age, organ functions and medical condition. The important thing to remember is your pet will not be in any pain and the euthanasia process is very peaceful.

The benefits of pet euthanasia at home are it’s more comfortable for your pet and more private for the grieving family. In many situations, it is impossible for pet parents to transport their dog to an animal hospital, because they are too big. If your dog is not walking or unable to leave the house, they might be too heavy to lift or too big to fit in smaller vehicles. In these scenarios a house call vet can come to your home to put your dog to sleep. They also have stretchers that can be used to transport them out of the home much more easily.

The traveling vet can transport your dog or cat directly to the pet crematorium for cremation services. There are two main types of pet cremation: private or communal/memorial. Private cremation is when they are alone in the chamber without any other pets and you receive their ashes back. Communal cremation (sometimes referred to as memorial cremation) is when they are with other pets in the chamber and their ashes are not provided back. The communal/memorial ashes are usually scattered somewhere, such as a pet cemetery.

Some pets also get nervous going to the vet or anxious traveling in a car. Since most pet parents do not want their pet to be nervous or anxious during their final moments, a traveling veterinarian can put them down in the comfort of their home. They can stay on their favorite blanket, a family room couch, or any other comfortable spot in the home. With our in home euthanasia services, the veterinarian can perform the service anywhere in the house depending on where they are most comfortable.

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