When a traveling vet comes to your home, there are many benefits for pets and pet owners. Pet parents who have cats know that the simple sound of a carrier can send their cat into a panic. Once they see or hear their carrier come out, they immediately hide. Finding them can be a challenge of its own. They can hide in dozens of places that make them hard to find, such as behind a couch, under a bed, or in between other pieces of furniture.

If you are able to find them, then you have the brave task of getting them into their carrier, which for some cats is simply impossible. Cats are quick, elusive and can be dangerous if they bite or scratch you, both of which can easily penetrate through your clothing or even safety gloves.

If you manage to find your cat and get them into their carrier, it can be very stressful for them to be locked up and moved around in a confined space. The sounds, sights and smells of a veterinary clinic can also make them very anxious. Once a veterinarian is able to examine them, their heart rate and blood pressure is usually abnormally high, which can lead to inaccurate readings and test results.

Alternatively, cat owners who schedule a veterinary house call can avoid all of that unnecessary stress. When a cat isn’t chased around the house, trapped in a carrier, transported in a car and brought through a veterinary practice, they are much more calm and relaxed. Any tests that are conducted result in readings that are more accurate, so they will receive a more precise treatment plan. Cats that are subjected to less stress also maintain a stronger immune system, so they have a lower risk of getting sick.

The same benefits are true for dogs as well. Since most dogs do not go in a carrier, they can cause more damage to your vehicle. Some dogs experience travel anxiety that can lead to them drooling all over your car, scratching your seats or even vomiting on your floor mats. Other dogs may be too big to move or transport if they have trouble getting up stairs or walking. In these situations, it is much more convenient to call a mobile vet.

Lastly, you not only save money associated with all of the travel costs, but you also save lots of time. Think about the amount of time it takes to get your dog or cat prepared to leave the house, drive all the way to the veterinary hospital, wait in the lobby to be seen and then drive all the way back home. You will easily spend double or triple the amount of time compared to scheduling a house call vet appointment. And if you have multiple pets that require separate trips, you’ll save an exponential more amount of time with a traveling vet who can take care of all of your pets in your own home during one appointment.

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