Complete Care Offered

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We offer a wide range of in-home veterinary services for almost every need. You do not need to have a membership to book an appointment, so you can schedule your pet for any of our at-home services:

  • Exams (wellness or sick)
  • Basic tests (fecal, heartworm, etc.)
  • Vaccinations
  • Advanced diagnostics (blood panels, urinalysis, EKG, eye pressure, etc.)
  • Ultrasound screening
  • Prescription medications
  • Behavior consultations
  • Diet, weight and nutritional counseling
  • Miscellaneous (nail trims, microchipping, travel certificates, etc.)
  • Pain management (acupuncture, cold laser therapy, etc.)
  • Euthanasia and cremation

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We do not provide services requiring anesthesia. (surgery, dental work, etc.)

We offer membership care packages as an option for pet parents who are looking to save money on their annual pet care costs, enhance the long term care their pet receives and get a ton of extra perks in our VIP Pet Parent community. Check out a few of the amazing benefits included in the memberships:

  • VIP Vet Visits (in-home exams with complementary behavior consultations and weight/nutrition counseling with a customized diet plan).
  • All recommended vaccines for the year.
  • All necessary flea, tick, and heartworm medications for the year.
  • Diagnostic testing (fecal tests and heartworm test).
  • Advanced diagnostic screening (blood panel, urinalysis, thyroid test, EKG, eye pressure test).
  • Ultrasound screening.
  • Ear cleaning and nail trims.
  • Video consults and live chat with your vet in between visits.
  • Discounted prescriptions, supplements, and food.
  • VIP Pet Parent community access (exclusive meet-ups, events, live videos, and more)

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Close Communication

Skip the frustrating waiting room and reduce your pets exposure to germs. Keep them calm in the comforts of your home with no travel anxiety!

Added Education

Kick up your paws and relax as the vet comes to you – no more long waits, no more traffic, no more hassle!

Better Care

Receive personalized treatment and care options from a veterinarian who can observe your pet’s actual environment and normal behavior.

The VIP Standard

Every VIP Vet visit includes a behavior consultation ($200 value) and a weight/nutrition consultation with a customized diet plan ($79 value) as a complementary service.

We believe in helping pet parents build better human-animal bonds, develop a deeper understanding of their pets behavior, and provide the knowledge and insight into how to strengthen that relationship – all at no extra charge.

Advanced Veterinary Care

Our vets will spend over an hour learning about your pet’s history and examining their current health, utilizing the most modern veterinary technology for in-depth screening & preventative care.

You’ll not only save money by avoiding future vet bills, but you’ll also pay less for your current pet care costs on one of our membership care packages.

Your vet will also have the opportunity to observe your pet’s normal at-home behavior within their actual environment in order to provide a personalized treatment care plan.

Personalized Client Engagement

Each of our members get access to our exclusive VIP Pet Parent community equipping you with even more tools, resources, and perks:

  • Monthly training and behavior events.
  • Monthly live videos on popular pet topics, with Q&A’s.
  • Meet-ups at local parks and play areas with on-site behavior consultations.
  • Private Facebook group for community connections and interactions with veterinary engagement.

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Make the Change – Experience the Difference

VIP Vet Visit

Regular Clinic

Animals are calm and stress free.

Observe at home behavior.

Evaluate actual habitat and environment.

Detailed assessment of pet’s daily life.

Personalized treatment and care options.

No contact with sick animals.

Save money with no transportation costs.

Enjoy more time and comforts at home.

Increased risk of sickness from stress.

Only see abnormal anxious behavior.

No access to analyze environment.

No sense of living space.

Generalized treatment plan.

Exposure to germs and viruses.

Extra gas expense and travel time.

Waste time moving animals and waiting.

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