You can schedule a vet house call on our website through our online booking platform or over the phone. All appointments are scheduled with a 2 hour arrival time window, which gives us flexibility to account for travel between homes, traffic delays, or visits that run long. When we are en route to your house, we send you a text message with our estimated time of arrival.

When we arrive to your house, the first thing we do is shower your pet(s) with attention. While we allow them to get used to us being in their home, we talk to you about their medical history, along with any of your initial questions or concerns. 

After a few minutes, most pets will have adjusted to us being with them. However we also take a few additional measures to alleviate their stress and keep them calm. For cats and skittish dogs, we have a small music player that has a relaxing playlist of songs specifically made to promote a comfortable atmosphere for pets. We carry two separate music players: one with a playlist specially made for dogs and one with a playlist specially made for cats. We also have a calming pheromone spray that we apply to our clothes and other items we bring into them home, such as our towels or swaddle for cats. 

After we can see that your pet has gotten used to us and is not exhibiting any stressful behaviors, we will conduct our examination. We can do the exam anywhere you would like in your house. The most common areas are the family room couch, the living room floor, your pet’s own bed or even on their favorite blanket. We can perform our services wherever necessary, no matter how big or small of a room. Our top priority is the comfort of your pet.

Joe is the assistant who holds the animal, while Dr. Karie is the veterinarian who talks you through the entire exam. As part of her exam, she will ask you to provide a fecal score for them based on the associated chart in order to help determine if there are any fecal issues that need attention or further testing.

The veterinarian will provide you with your pet’s body condition score that can help you understand if they are in a healthy weight range. Every in home vet visit includes a complimentary nutrition consultation with a customized diet plan, so you know the exact type of food and quantity to feed them. Proper nutritional intake can extend a pet’s longevity for up to 2 years, so this is a very important area we focus on during our appointments at no extra cost to you.

If your pet requires any vaccinations, shots, blood tests or nail trims, we save those services for last. After all services are complete, you can take as much time as needed to ask questions or clarify any information that was provided during the appointment. Before leaving your house, the veterinarian will provide you with their insights and recommendations, including any treatment plans for ongoing care.

After your at home visit is complete, we also email you a full report containing all of our findings and written recommendations, so you have medical documentation that you can refer to at any time. If medications are required that we did not have with us in our car, they will be shipped directly to your door. If any samples were sent to our laboratory, you will receive the test results and a detailed interpretation of the findings within 1-2 days.

If you have any follow up questions after the appointment, there are a variety of ways you can talk directly with Dr. Karie to get fast answers and advice. You get her person email address, and can talk to her directly over the phone or through text messaging 7 days a week from 8am-8pm.

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