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In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Peaceful • Comfortable • Private

We understand this is a very difficult time, so we approach every appointment with a heart full of empathy in a completely open, compassionate and non-judgmental setting.

Appointment Overview

One of our veterinarians will travel to your home (serving the south Chicago suburbs), so you and your pet can remain in a peaceful, comfortable and private environment. All of your love and focus can be directed towards your furry family member during this emotional time. The entire appointment is typically 1 hour long, which gives us the opportunity to work at a relaxed pace without rushing through any part of the process. 

Your veterinarian will begin the appointment by providing an overview of the procedure. They take as much time as you want to discuss any of your questions or concerns. The entire process is individually tailored towards your preferences, interest level and comfort.

small white dog laying on couch with pet parent before in home euthanasia

Once you are ready for the procedure to begin, your pet will receive a sedative under the skin that consists of a pain-reliever mixed with a heavy sedative to help them feel calm and comfortable. As the sedative takes effect, usually within a few minutes, you can typically notice your pet’s pain slip away as they continue to relax.

Once you and your pet are relaxed and at peace, we give you as much time as desired to share one last memory together. After receiving your permission to proceed, we then administer a second injection with an overdose of anesthesia that will typically make your pet go to sleep within 60 seconds.

Lastly, a third injection of angel juice is administered that first effects their brain and respiratory center. This rapidly stops their breathing before stopping their heart and giving them their angel wings.

Young girl hugging dog on the ground during in home pet euthanasia

The entire process is very peaceful for your beloved family member. After your pet has passed, you can continue to spend as much time with them as needed. As a memorial keepsake, we offer a clay paw print for you to keep after your final goodbye, along with a personalized glass jar containing a lock of your pet’s hair – free of charge. If cremation is elected, we transport your pet out of the home in a custom carrier lined with fresh rose petals and can include their favorite toy or blanket.


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Meet Your Veterinarian

Dr. Karie Anne Johnson Mobile Vet for VIP Vet Visit

Dr. Karie is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana where she completed her undergraduate studies and received her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After developing a special interest in providing families with the best end of life care for their pet, she became certified in Companion Animal Euthanasia through CAETA.

Dr. Karie believes that an at-home euthanasia allows for calm, intimate and cherished final moments between pets and their families. She strives to help families through this difficult time with conversations about quality of life, disease processes, hospice care options and the final act of euthanasia. When it comes time to say goodbye, Dr. Karie wants to help each pet parent honor their pet’s life in the most peaceful and compassionate way possible.

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