Mobile Vet Care

Mobile Vet Care

Less Stress • More Convenient • Better Care

We are so confident you’ll love the added convenience, elevated care and extra savings VIP Vet Visit provides, we guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll give you a full refund for the cost of your 1st Visit Special. We want you to experience our VIP difference completely risk free!

Additional VIP Guarantees

Additional VIP Guarantees

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We guarantee you will receive as much time as you need with your Veterinarian during every visit or they will return for an additional visit for free. Our promise is that you will never feel rushed during any appointment and will even be encouraged to ask questions throughout each visit.

We guarantee every question you have during your appointment will be thoroughly answered by your Veterinarian or you can speak directly with them again within 24 hours through your preferred communication channel: video chat, phone call, text or email. Our promise is to always provide you with thorough answers and detailed explanations for each of your questions to ensure all of our VIP Pet Parents receive the highest levels of knowledge, support and reassurance.

We guarantee to send you a follow-up email within 24 hours after every appointment or we will mail you a free care package as an apology. The email will contain an overview of any recommendations your Veterinarian discussed with you during the appointment, guidelines for any medications prescribed, instructions for any necessary care, our VIP Pet Report, our VIP Behavior Report, our VIP Nutrition Report and any relevant certificates or proof of vaccination.

We guarantee to give you and your pet(s) the best experience possible by surpassing your expectations and over-delivering the value we provide in our services. If for any reason we have not surpassed your expectations, we encourage you to email us your feedback: [email protected]. We also welcome the opportunity to schedule a time convenient for you to sit down with you directly for a more intimate and in-depth conversation over breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks or coffee – our treat. We value you. We value your feedback. This VIP Guarantee is our dedication to our valued customers.

Appointment Overview

Kick up your paws and relax as one of our veterinarians will travel to you (serving the south Chicago suburbs). You and your pet can skip the frustrating waiting room and stay calm in the comforts of your home with no travel anxiety. The entire appointment is typically 1 hour long, which gives your vet the opportunity to provide personalized treatment and care options, while observing your pet’s actual environment and normal behavior.

Upon arrival, the first thing we do is shower your pet with love and treats. After becoming their new best friend, we can work with them in a relaxed setting where they remain calm and behave normally.

Woman playing with puppy on rug at home during in home vet visit with mobile vet.

To provide your pet with the best care possible, we thoroughly review their medical history with you, gain a complete understanding of their previous health or any prior issues, and actively listen to any of your concerns. We also take the time to answer any and all of your initial questions.

Since an animal’s diet, weight and nutritional intake are the most controllable areas of their long term health, you will receive a complimentary nutrition consultation. Your vet will also create an individualized diet plan for your pet by calculating proper portion sizing for food/treats and recommending food types after factoring in their age, lifestyle & health.

You will receive a complimentary behavior consultation as well. With your pet being stress free and in their normal habitat, your vet can observe their ordinary behavior and evaluate any environmental factors. They will then provide insight into their behavior, answer any questions and offer recommendations to improve their overall behavior & care.

Man smiling at pet dog on couch at home for mobile vet services.

By the time your vet starts the examination, your pet should be relaxed and comfortable without feeling added pressure or stress. We will have all of the necessary diagnostic equipment to perform a full exam, vaccinations & any additional services (if needed) wherever your pet is the most comfortable, whether in their bed, on the couch or on the living room floor.

Our vets can do everything from basic tests, like fecal & heartworm screening, to advanced diagnostic testing such as blood panels, urinalysis, ultrasound, among others.

Woman smiling at cat laying on couch during in home vet exam.

After your vet completes their work, they also take as much time as you need to answer all of your questions. We want every pet parent to be as aware, involved & educated as possible.

Before leaving, your vet will provide you with any necessary treatment and care recommendations moving forward. You will also receive a VIP Pet Report giving a detailed health overview, along with educational materials regarding any issues that were uncovered – within 2 days.

After your VIP Vet Visit, we understand some pet parents might think of additional questions or have concerns about potential side effects of any administered vaccines or medications, which is why we give you access to communicate directly with your vet within 1 week after your appointment. If you continue on a VIP Membership, you will receive unlimited access.


Meet Your Veterinarian

Dr. Karie Anne Johnson Mobile Vet for VIP Vet Visit

Dr. Karie is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana where she completed her undergraduate studies and received her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She grew up with a love of animals that turned into a passion to enhance the human animal bond through a more informative and interactive care approach. She takes the time to educate her clients, while getting to know her patients on an individual level. Her methods of medicine allow her to catch illnesses early on and keep each visit as fear free as possible!

Dr. Karie’s special interests include ultrasound, behavior, and nutrition. She has three pets: 2 Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, Tink & Peter, and 1 Toy Poodle Mix, Heidi – who she spoils without limits. In her personal time, Dr. Karie likes to travel, spend time with her family, enjoy the outdoors, and read!

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