Orland Grove is a forest preserve in cook county. It has easy terrain to walk, so you can have a very relaxing stroll. The trails are surrounded by water, including the McGinnis Slough. It is a gorgeous and serene location perfect for reconnecting with nature. Many people like to go birdwatching here, so make sure to bring your binoculars. There are also a lot of frogs, so keep your eyes open for them as well.

Some of the trails are unpaved or grassy, so make sure you bring some good hiking shoes. This would not be a good place to go with just sandals. They have garbage cans around the forest preserve and trails for convenience and to keep the area clean.

A lot of people like to go here to enjoy a nice meal. There are picnic tables where you can eat, so bring some food with your friends or family. Make sure you clean up after eating, because this is said to be a very clean and well kept forest preserve.

However this is not the most kid friendly destination, since there are only a couple picnic tables and a few short hiking trails. There are no other activities or things to do besides that. But if you like nature, this is definitely a beautiful place to see.

This is a popular destination for bikers because of the beautiful scenery and water features. Some people have trouble finding where to go or where to park, so make sure you have good directions and a map.

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To get to the Orland Grove Forest Preserve from VIP Vet Visit 15128 South La Grange Road #2053 Orland Park IL 60462, you can head north toward W 151st St, turn left onto W 151st St, turn right onto West Ave, then turn left onto W 143rd St before arriving at Orland Grove Forest Preserve in Orland Park IL 60467.

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