Policies & Reminders

Policies & Reminders

  • All of our appointments are scheduled with a 2-hour arrival time window, which allows us to account for varying appointment durations, traffic delays and travel time in between appointments (some appointments are 45-60 minutes apart while others are only 5 minutes away). Please make sure you are available during the FULL 2-hour window, as we are NOT able to accommodate any specific time requests for the reasons listed above.

  • Our schedule for the day is always pre-planned and we work within strict timelines, so we cannot delay our services after we arrive to wait for other family members. Please make sure everyone who wants to be at the appointment is present and available during your FULL 2-hour arrival time window.

  • Cancellations without 24 hours of notice before the beginning of your arrival time window will incur an automatic cancellation fee of $50 without exception. Since we reserve 2 hours for the time and travel for each appointment, there is a significant portion of our working hours that we can no longer offer to other clients. We appreciate your understanding of our scheduling process and thank you for respecting our commitment to the clients we serve. If we travel to your house and you are not home or your pet is not available (cat will not come out from hiding or aggressive dog cannot be muzzled), the $99 house call fee will be automatically processed without exception. As a courtesy, we will wait a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes before departing.

  • If we are examining a cat during your appointment, please make sure they are accessible when we arrive. If your cat is nervous or skittish, they should be kept in an enclosed room with the least amount of hiding spots, such as a bathroom, office or bedroom. This will ensure they remain as comfortable as possible during the appointment without getting nervous or stressed from being chased around the house.

  • We proudly work with cats and dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments. However if your pet shows any signs of aggression (showing their teeth, growling, snapping, etc.), you will need to place one of our muzzles on them for everyone’s safety. Our muzzles do not hurt or cause any discomfort. If you are not able to muzzle your pet (if they have shown signs of aggression), we will not be able to provide any services and you will still be charged the $99 house call exam fee for our time and travel.

  • If you need any non-urgent medications or preventatives after an appointment, we can ship them directly to your door via the United States Postal Service (USPS). We process requests within 1 business day, but delivery timelines can vary based on your local postal service. We always recommend reaching out at least 7 days before you need to receive a new medication or refill a current prescription. This provides a cushion for any unexpected delays with your postal carrier.

  • If you have an urgent prescription need for a sick pet, we can ship medications to you via UPS Ground, which can typically arrive to your door within 1 business day. You are NOT able to pick up medications directly from us, since we do not have a public office or physical clinic. We are also NOT able to meet you somewhere at a specific time for numerous reasons (our appointment durations can vary, our driving routes can change based on traffic, we might have unanticipated schedule changes, we do not carry all medications with us at all times, etc).

  • All of our appointments are prescheduled with an average lead time of 2-5 days. We do not provide emergency services, so if your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, you will need to take them to an emergency animal hospital. As a house call veterinary practice with only 1 veterinarian, we can only be in one place at one time. Since our schedule is fully booked every day, we are not able to “squeeze-in” any additional appointments even if your pet is sick or in need of urgent medical care. You can view our current availability at anytime by scheduling an appointment online at: vipvetvisit.com/schedule.

  • If we are unable to safely travel on the roadways due to snowfall, inclement weather or national weather warnings, all appointments (including exams for sick pets or end-of-life appointments) will either be delayed or rescheduled. If your appointment needs to be delayed or rescheduled, we will notify you via text message of any updates.

  • Due to the demand for our services and the tight timeline necessary to stay on schedule each day, we are only able to help clients within our service area. We unfortunately cannot make exceptions to this even if the location is right next to an area we service. You can check to see if we service your location by entering your zip code here: vipvetvisit.com/schedule.