At VIP Vet visit we bring the veterinary clinic to your home. Everything we need to provide treatment and care for companion animals is located in our car. We travel to houses in a Tesla X SUV that is equipped with all the necessary supplies and portable equipment.

When we go into a client’s house to examine their pet, we always bring a few standard items. The first item is a large digital pet scale, along with a non-slip pad for added grip, that we take with us in a carrying bag. We use this to weigh cats and dogs of any breed or size. Since the scale is large, we can even weigh large breed dogs that are over 100lbs.

The next item we always carry with us is either our cat bag or dog bag depending on which animals we are seeing. Each bag contains a stethoscope, so we can listen to the heart, lungs and sometimes even the stomach or nasal system. We also have an otoscope with different attachments, so we can look at the eyes and inside the nose, ears, and mouth, as well as other areas of the body.

The bags contain supplies used when treating common issues such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, gauze, ear cleaner, antibacterial solution, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. We also have supplies needed to administer shots or draw blood, urine and other bodily fluids used for testing.

Some tests can be conducted in the home through the use of snap tests (such as the Flex4 test that screens for heartworm and tick diseases or the RapidBac test that screens for common bacteria that cause urinary tract infections) with results available within minutes. Other tests need to be conducted by a laboratory in which case samples would be shipped to a medical lab via overnight express delivery and results are usually available the very next morning.

Each bag also contains other miscellaneous items such as educational handouts, body condition score charts, fecal score charts, pens, and a container for disposable items.

The dog bag contains a number of goodies as well, including dogs treats, large spoons and lick pads for cheese whiz that are used as a distraction during an exam and when giving shots or drawing blood. The cat bag contains a small spoon for cheese whiz that is also used as a distraction during our home visits. We also carry catnip in this bag, so we can give cats an added treat at the end of their appointment.

Our car has a cooler that is plugged in to keep vaccines and other medications at an appropriate temperature. The cooler can hold vaccines for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies, as well as pain injections and allergy shots. To accompany the vaccines, we carry a small amount of rabies tags for Cook County, Will County and DuPage County.

We have a medication bag that contains a small supply of common prescription medications, heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention. Even though we do not carry a large amount of medications, we have a secure safe, state of the art security system, multiple cameras around the entire car and 24/7 monitoring. If we do not have a specific mediation in our car, we can ship the medication directly to a client’s house.

Our mobile veterinary clinic also carries numerous specialty supplies and advanced pieces of equipment, such as wound care kits, a portable ultrasound, microscope, tonometer for eye pressure testing, glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, among other instruments. Lastly, we carry a large supply of extra needles, syringes and other common veterinary supplies.

While we carry most of the medical supplies found at a traditional vet practice, we do not have a portable radiograph unit or surgical tools or instruments, since we do not perform any procedures requiring anesthesia.

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