Quality of Life Calculator

Quality of Life Calculator


To help determine the quality of life for your pet, VIP Vet Visit created a Quality of Life Calculator for dogs and cats that is very easy to use and simple to understand. The quiz below will ask you 6 questions that cover the main areas of your pet’s daily life, including: mobility, eating, drinking, interaction, elimination and interest. There will be 3 choices to choose from for each question. Each choice is assigned a point value. The calculator will add up all of the point values based on your answer to each question in order to determine your pet’s overall quality of life score.

This quiz is an objective test to help provide you with additional insight on your pet’s overall condition, more clarity on what you should do and greater reassurance for your decision during a time that is often very difficult and confusing.

Step 1: Take The Quiz

Step 2: Understand The Results

9-12: Quality of Life Is Normal

Your pet’s quality of life is being managed appropriately.

Your pet’s diseases are completely under control. You are doing a wonderful job keeping them comfortable with the best quality of life possible. Continue to monitor your pet for changes in comfort and speak with your veterinarian about your specific concerns for their overall Quality of Life now and for the future.

6-8: Quality of Life Requires Attention

Your pet’s quality of life could use some help.

Your pet could benefit from additional medication or therapies. Changes in environment and enrichment could make a large impact on their Quality of Life. Speak to your veterinarian about your concerns and areas of your pet’s life that could use some improvement. Your veterinarian will help you make any necessary changes to your pet’s medical therapies, environment, and enrichment.

0-5: Quality of Life Justifies Hospice/Euthanasia

Your pet’s quality of life is poor.

Your pet is suffering. Additional therapies will improve their quality of life slightly and for a short period of time. Now is the time to begin the process of saying goodbye to your furry family member. It is better to be a day too early than a second too late. We here at VIP Vet Visit believe that their last day with us should be one of their best days.

Step 3: Make A Plan

Once you have read through the results from the Quality of Life Calculator and taken some time to digest the information, it’s time to plan your next step. Time may be critically important during these stages, so do not delay in getting the necessary help from your Veterinarian or setting up an appointment with them for further guidance.

Our hope is that you can move forward now with a better understanding of your pet’s health, so you can make the necessary preparations and maintain confidence within any of your decisions. If you still have questions or uncertainties, you can schedule a Quality of Life consultation (phone call or video call) with Dr. Karie Anne Johnson – the creator of this Quality of Life Calculator. Consultations are typically 30 minutes with time slots almost every day.